Posted by Denis Pepin on Sep 06, 2019
On September 6th, Jim Henry,  the District Governor for District 5870 visited the Georgetown Rotary Club.
After providing the members with an update of District activities and goals, he challenged the membership with three questions.
1.  What is your passion as a Rotarian?
2.  Why is that your passion?
3.  What are you going to do about it?
The answer to these questions is the difference maker as to whether or not you are a true Rotarian.
Jim was joined by an entourage that included DG Elect and DG Nominee, the Assistant DG and the enthusiastic Rich Kaye, the intrepid leader of the Rotary Foundation fundraising efforts.
This visit is part of the annual "rite of passage" that has the DG visit all of the clubs in his area.