Update: The current Humanitarian Matching Grant supported by our partner club in Ciudad Victoria amounts to $35,000 and is relegated to the community initiative to provide hope for homeless teens in Georgetown. The funds will be used to support creation of a transition center, recently purchased by The Georgetown Projec--with plans to open on August 22, when school begins. Funds are budgeted as follows:

$12,000 Interim (12 months) funding for facility costs

$6,000 Clothes, supplies, and amenities for appx 75 teens

$2,000 Kitchen utensils, supplies, and basic food/snacks for beginning of project

$2,000 Promotional and recruitment materials

$4,000 Computers and printers for study center

$9,000 Furniture and equipment for kitchen, living areas, study center, etc.

$35,000 Total

update submitted by Gene E. Davenport, Ed.D.