As we near the end of this Rotary year, it is time to look back and review the year as we see it. All of us should be pleased with the accomplishments.

Our clubs added EarlyAct First Knight programs in a number of schools in our District, and chartered new Interact clubs. During this year, our District received first ever (in our district) Public Relations grant and we had a successful media campaign. We had a district-wide blood and organ donation drive and hopefully these will continue during the coming years. We implemented a Rotary leadership development program, and completed a strategic plan.

The clubs and the Rotarians around the District showed our commitment to the mission of the Rotary Foundation - doing good in the world. Every club in the District set a goal for Annual Programs Fund (APF) and every club has contributed to APF, first time in our District. Our clubs set a new record for District Assistance Program (DAP) grants at approximately $41,000 towards community service projects valued in excess of $80,000. We reached a new high for contributing the District Designated Fund (DDF) greater than $124,000 towards international humanitarian grants resulting in total grants of $657,000.

The Rotary International President, Kalyan Banerjee, visited our Foundation banquet in February and gave a very inspiring speech. It was a memorable event and was well attended.

The best part of the year for Brigitte and me was visiting the clubs around the District. We are proud of our clubs and their commitment to Rotary core values and helping less fortunate in the world. We want to thank each and every one of our clubs for their hospitality and their affection. We have made many new friends and we will cherish the friendships forever.