50th Anniversary Celebration

Much planning is being done for the April 20 celebration of our 50th year anniversary. Members, please look at your calendars now and determine if you will be able to be present on that day during our extended regular meeting (12:00-1:30 p.m.). We will need to for you to register no later than April 1, and we also need to know if you wish to bring a guest. Why register for a regular meeting, you are thinking!! Here's why. We will be limited to space for 192 persons on this day. There are appx 60 invited special/honored guests that could be present that day. Thus, if all of our members (appx 115) attend, there will be limited seating for member guests. So, we need to start counting heads ('_'). It is our hope that everyone who can be in attendance will be present for this grand occasion. You will be asked to start signing up soon.

As you plan, you are reminded that we will have an extra special buffet luncheon menu created by Alycia and Larry Bingham. The board has approved a $15 charge for this meal (an added $5 for members over the usual $10) for any guests that you might bring on this date. Rumor has it that the meal will be Medallions of Beef with Shrimp en Brochette.

What a great time we can have at the Auction on April 13 and this Celebration on April 20. Please get geared up for attendance at both and let's CELEBRATE 50 years of Service Above Self!! These are occasions that you will not want to miss. Thanks, Gene Davenport