Posted by Denis Pepin on May 26, 2018
On June 25th, the Rotary Club of Georgetown was pleased to host the Executive Director of PACT (Partners Against Child Trafficking) and an amazing Student Ambassador, Sophie Buechler.  Their critical message was to create an awareness of the massive nature of a criminal issue in our trafficking!  Sophie provided a viewpoint from a thirteen year old perspective, learned from diligent research into the depth of the problem.
She disclosed that Texas is number two in the nation (involving almost 80,000 children), a shocking glimpse into the stark reality and pervasiveness of the issue.  They provided important information as to how to know the signs of trafficking and how to deal with them.  PACT is a leading authority and advocacy organization that trains our youth and adults to DETECT, DEFEND and DISRUPT the demand in child trafficking.
Sophie also asked that we Rotarians convey information about the sex trafficking problem, in hopes of creating further awareness in our communities.  Their goal is the eradication of this criminal activity altogether.