Posted by Denis Pepin on Jul 17, 2018
The latest build for our club #gtxrotary was a little different!  On July 14th and after a long drive literally into the boondocks of Coupland, TX (encountering fields of burros and cattle accompanied by cattle egrets), we first had to demolish an old ramp (Cris Cash has the wasp stings to attest to that activity) and then build the new ramp.  George brought a trailer onto which we loaded the debris from the old ramp.
Due to the length of the "demo" and reconstruction, we were only able to complete the ramp without the handrails.  Another crew is scheduled to complete that activity this week.
Attendees were our intrepid leader George Lourigan, Cris Cash, Dave Kellerman, Stuart Garner, Denis Pepin and Amber Kurkowski and her family, husband Chuck and their ever helpful girls (Norma and Beverly, I think).
This was our 41st build under the auspices of the Texas Ramp Project.